Digital Trends Panel - Transform the web


GfK nurago is running a market research programme in the UK called Digital Trends Panel (“the Panel”) that individuals can voluntarily join. GfK’s Digital Trends Panel market research programme will help GfK’s clients answer important questions such as:

  • What different technologies do people own and what do they use them for?
  • How does the arrival of new technology affect media use?
  • Do people notice advertising, and how relevant or irrelevant do they find it?
  • How popular are different media activities among different types of people?

Participation is voluntary. To join the Panel you will need to complete the registration profile and screener survey, successfully install the nurago Web Meter that will record your web browsing behaviour.

Once registered, panel members will be asked to complete various questionnaires. We provide incentives to thank our panelists for their contribution to the Panel. Your privacy and the protection of your personal data are of the utmost importance to GfK. GfK is committed to fully complying with data protection legislation and to the professional rules of conduct of the market research industry.